Thursday, 16 April 2009

TV Book Channel launch - proof that networking works

TV Book Channel launch - who says there's no value in Networking

Do you want to hear a story about networking - working?

We're excited and proud to announce the launch of a new venture, The Book Channel TV show - The place to be for book lovers and writers.

Director, Richard Flewitt came up with the idea along with a networking colleague about a year ago and the first programme airs on Sky channel 166 and Freesat channel 402 next Monday, 20th April at 7.30pm. Video preview can be seen at

so why blog about it?

Firstly we're immensely proud of the programme, entirely produced by Richard's production company New Edge - It's great for them to be back to their roots making television programmes.

Secondly, there is no way that we would be here announcing this today if it wasn't for networking, and in particular the Black Star community within Ecademy, , which Richard joined about two and a half years ago.

Let's take you through the chain of events: Richard joins Black Star on the premise that you get out what you put in, and it really is a lifetime membership where relationships are nurtured before any real business takes place. He attends Black Star meetings and starts on a journey of many, many 121 meetings.

Approximately 18 months later He is invited by a Black Star ,who he'd had a 121 with, to attend a VIP networking event on a boat on the Thames. There, as promised, he's introduced to 'someone you need to know', and spent most of the evening talking to this guy over champagne and far too much red wine!! - realising the synergy of our approach to communications, and in particular video. That relationship then developed with a couple of meetings, and more introductions. Meanwhile Richard discovers that within Black Star there is a community of specialists who help people make the most of their expertise by writing books. The problem at this smaller end of publishing is that the best sellers and big publishing houses eat up most of the national promotional opportunities, and it's a real struggle to get books noticed.

He has another meeting with the man from the boat, who also happens to have a past in publishing and they come up with an idea..... to make a specialist programme for all book lovers and writers, uncover the story behind the story in a book and hear some extracts read by the author. Broadcast the programmes on Sky and Freesat, and make all the programmes available to watch online. Additionally allow the authors and publishers to stream the programmes on their own websites providing them with a promotional video for their book.

The result is The Book Channel. The guy on the boat was Fred Perkins, owner of Information TV and a number of Sky channels - now one of the business partners at the Book Channel.

Our three experts who guide viewers through the book writing world from inspiration to publication are Mindy Gibbins-Klein, Sue Richardson and Tom Evans - all Black Stars in Ecademy.

Our presenter is Tina Bettison, another contact who found us through Ecademy.

We have filmed the first three programmes and the launch is on Monday 20th April, to coincide with the opening day of the London Book Fair. Authors and publishers are invited to submit books for selection in future programmes through the website,

So there you are. In a nutshell networking contacts have provided the inspiration, the application and a great deal of the content in the pilot shows

Who says Networking isn't worth the investment? Like all good things, it just takes time and energy


  1. Such a great idea - all the best for the launch!

  2. I agree with you Kate, the Book Channel has great potential.

    7.30pm is a good time slot for the prog. and whilst networking, through, has surely brought the full team together, the true benefit of the Book Channel is the one it will delivered to its viewers - both adults and children.

    All best for the launch.



  3. Thanks for your comments. The first show has been received really well. We now need to spread the word as far and wide as possible!! Please take a look at the show either on satellite TV or here on the website and let us know what you think.